Excess skin around the clitoral hood often causes an uncomfortable sensation. Occasionally, it may even look like a micropenis. There are various ways to correct the excess skin:

  • When there is too much skin around the width of the clitoral hood, an elliptical excision is carried out. This can be performed on its own or it can be combined with a labial reduction procedure.
  • If the excess skin is mainly along the length of the clitoral hood, a small horizontal incision is made to remove the excess tissue.

It is also possible to combine both procedures. If the tissue is too thick, it can also be made thinner.

Making the clitoris more accessible

Disproportionate growth (hypertrophy) of the clitoris may be congenital or caused by the use of medicines. During a clitoridotomy, the clitoris is exposed by means of an incision. The clitoris is then positioned against the pubic bone or is reduced in size. The nerves are protected throughout the procedure so that clitoral orgasms are not impaired.

A harmonious appearance

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Each procedure ensures that the entire vulva has a harmonious appearance and the clitoris is not positioned too low in the vulva. After this procedure, painful discomfort also becomes a thing of the past. Both procedures are carried out with the highest levels of precision and knowledge.