How is the procedure carried out for vaginal tightening?

The area where the inner lips of the vulva (labia minora) meet is also known as the posterior commissure. The tissue there is often more flaccid after childbirth. In rare cases, this may also be congenital. During a vaginal tightening procedure, a diamond-shaped wedge of tissue is removed from the posterior commissure. This ensures that the rear wall of the vagina becomes tight again.

Perineoplasty after tearing or cuts to the perineum

If the perineum tears or an incision is made (episiotomy) in this area during childbirth, there will be a scar after it has been repaired with stitches. These stitches may cause a painful sensation or give the vagina an asymmetrical appearance. Perineoplasty and/or labial reduction can help with this.

In some cases, it may be necessary to make the mucous membrane of the vaginal wall thicker, more elastic, and healthier. This is done using a lipofilling with fat from your body 6 to 12 weeks before the actual procedure for vaginal rejuvenation is carried out.